How Your Husband Screws You In Divorce

Are you prepared?
A guide to financial equality in marriage by John Stirling Kinross.

Who Is This Book For?

Women who don't want to get screwed in divorce
Couples who want to be confident navigating marital finances
Husbands who want to empower their wives
Couples who want to preserve their marriage
If you are single, married, getting married, or getting a divorce, this book is for you!
If you're looking for a resource to deal with a bad divorce

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What's Inside

"This book is really about preserving marriage and reducing the horrific, 50-percent divorce rate."

What You'll Learn From This Book

How to turn around a losing or difficult divorce case

How to secure your financial foundation as a married couple

How to prevent overwhelming financial disasters

How to deal with financial problems and other pitfalls that affect marriage

Understand the red-flags that can cause chasms between spouses

How to take measures to protect your future marriage

How to understand your assets

Excerpt From the Book

"Adding it all up, there is a 90-percent chance that a marriage or long-term relationship will experience one or more financial disasters. Ask yourself, are you are naïve and blind to these possibilities? Worried about it? There are three things to think about right now:"


  • Angie Nadelberg,  Aspiring RN, Wife & Mother of 4
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading, "How to Bulletproof Your Marriage." It has incredible valuable financial information for every stage of life; definitely, a book to keep in your library for reference or recommend and pass along to family & friends.
    Angie Nadelberg, Aspiring RN, Wife & Mother of 4
  • Deanna Morris
    I really found How to Bullet Proof Your Marriage very beneficial. Being a newly engaged woman and having insight on the primary actions needed prior to marriage was very helpful. New engagement means inexperienced individuals coming together as one. If it wasn’t for the awesome To-Do Checklist located on page 101 of John’s book; I seriously would have been lost. At least now I have a clear direction on what to do before and during marriage to help maintain a healthy and happy marriage and being covered while doing so.
    Deanna Morris

About the Author

John Stirling Kinross is not only an accomplished author, he’s the financial consultant that women, married or single, need on their side. With his extensive experience as a Forensic Accountant, and 20 years of testifying in divorce court under his belt, John Stirling Kinross is a great resource for helping women become financially proactive.

Kinross began his career in the accounting field as a Certified Public Accountant. However, he wasn’t appeased by the mundane, everyday life of a CPA, so he utilized his accounting, auditing and investigative skills to become certified in the specialty known as Forensic Accounting. Armed with his specialized investigative skills, Kinross dove into the messy territory known as divorce court. From his work investigating and reporting earnings and assets for numerous divorce cases, he started to notice a district pattern: the earning spouse always had the upper hand. If the other spouse had not been equally involved in the finances from day one with the same earning ability, they ended up being at a serious disadvantage. Not having in-depth knowledge about their assets and financial details, resulted in them losing property and income. Unfortunately, most of the time, the spouse getting deceived was the wife.

Disheartened by these court cases filled with treachery and hidden assets, John Stirling Kinross decided to do something about it and write the book, How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce, a how-to guide for women to obtain financial equality in their marriage. This guide recounts tragic and true divorce cases (like when a wife was ordered to pay child support to her millionaire ex-husband), all to reveal to readers the struggle leading to an uneven settlement and how-to avoid it. In addition to divorce, the guide also sheds light on other disasters that can shatter a marriage like IRS levies, lawsuits, bankruptcy and even death. Most importantly, the guide is meant to empower women to wake-up and start down the path toward financial security. Kinross offers information and resources to aid women in all stages of their life, including those entering marriage, women in marriages, and women going through divorce.

Because of his forensic investigations, John Stirling Kinross has seen it all in the courtroom and now he is sharing the stories of horrific cases and arming women with the knowledge to take control of their financial destiny. How Your Husband Screws You in Divorce is coming soon to

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